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Simitrio and Diana

It's been a great experience for us thanks to Elizabeth

It's been a great experience for us thanks to Elizabeth. She's been very nice to us and very patient. 



Simitrio and Diana Charlotte, NC

You will be in very good hands.

In the early part of 2015 I decided to sell some property that had been left to me by my parents. I saw the phone number for Affordable on a sign and decided to give them a call. I spoke with several people that were so helpful and willing to help. To make a very long story short, I decided to give them a try. It has proven to be the best decision I have ever made. The team at Affordable has been very quick and efficient. They took care of everything. It was a very easy transition. I think the best part through all of this is that I developed a trust with these folks. I felt that they we going to do what was the best for me. That really means a great deal, especially when you are dealing with transactions of this nature. I would very highly recommend Affordable Housing Provider to anyone wishing to buy, sell or rent any property. You will be in very good hands. 


Denise Stubbs Concord, NC

Hector and Nadia Lopez

They are very friendly and patient

Nos gusta mucho la atención que recibimos y son muy amable y paciente. Muchas gracias.
(We really like the attention that we received and they are very friendly and patient. Thank you very much.)


Hector and Nadia Lopez Concord, NC

William Elgin

The best thing that has happened since the military

Thank you Affordable Home Provider, especially Elizabeth Goforth for helping my family and myself and Wendell Long. Without their help and support it would have been more difficult to obtain an home. The first step toward becoming a homeowner is the best thing that has happened since the military. Again, thank you, Elizabeth and Wendell for everything. 



William Elgin Marshville, NC

Lawrence and Gretchen Cordray

Thank you!

Thank you!



Lawrence and Gretchen Cordray Midland, NC

Dean Townsend

Elizabeth kept us informed along the way and was a pleasure to work with.

We had a great experience working with Affordable Home Provider. Elizabeth kept us informed along the way and was a pleasure to work with. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to buy or rent a home.



Dean Townsend Mint Hill, NC

Michelle Miller

Thank you!

Thank you!



Michelle Miller Mint Hill, NC

Andres Rostro

I Had Been Looking for Something Just Like This

I had been wanting to buy my own home, didn't know what all was involved though or where to even start.  I am so glad I found this program.  I had been looking for something just like this.


Andres Rostro Matthews, NC

GREAT, GREAT, good people to work with!!!!

GREAT, GREAT, good people to work with!!!!


Tim Phillips Monroe, NC

Donna and Darrel

I was beginning to think home ownership would never happen.

I never even considered this might be an option when I saw the sign for rent. I was beginning to think it (home ownership) would never happen. I'm so glad to own my own home, and have a lower mortgage payment too. 



Donna and Darrel Mint Hill, NC

Terry Gaskey

It all went just like Elizabeth said it would... The whole process.

It all went just like Elizabeth said it would... The whole process. Thank you!



Terry Gaskey Kannapolis, NC

Joe and Ida

I am very thankful to all the people at Affordable Homes

 Just over a year ago my wife Ida and I were stuck in what appeared to us as a never ending stream of bad choices and bad luck. The house we had built together had been foreclosed, we were both driving cars that were ready to die at any moment.

 While out driving looking for a place to rent we happened across a cute little house with a good size yard with a sign that read for rent/sale. Thinking that calling this number would be a waste of time due to bad credit we took a chance and called.

  Once we made an appointment to see the house we were told that if we were willing to follow the instructions to the letter for renting the house we could own it in about a year. At this point in our life we figured we didn't have anything to loose so we jumped in feet first.

 After several months of on time rent payments and working with the credit folks we were starting to see some improvement in our credit.

  In less than a year we had followed every instruction and completed everything that we were asked to do and we were able to get a loan for the house and a loan for a new car. This program really works if you let it. Affordable Homes will give you the tools you need to dig yourselves out of a hole but it is up to you to make it happen. You need to do everything that is asked of you and make sure you stay in contact with the good folks at Affordable Homes through out the process and you can turn your life, credit and future around. I am very thankful to all the people at Affordable Homes for helping us to make our future a little brighter.

Joe and Ida Bowen (Home owners)!



Joe and Ida Mint Hill, NC

William and Wanda Taylor

They are very patient and understanding

Affordable Home Providers were amazing. They are very patient and understanding the needs of the conusmer. It was a very positive experience.


William and Wanda Taylor Mint Hill, NC

Alejandra and Simon

Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much! We are so glad we got this house.


Alejandra and Simon Charlotte, NC


Thank You So Much for Making a Dream a Reality

The folks at Affordable Home Provider worked tirelessly for my and took the complication out of the home buying process. Their extensive knowledge had prepared me to understand every step to be taken to affordable home buying and in a faster than usual closing.


Also I have taken advantage of their credit repair counseling program which is an an incredible asset to their services. 


Thank you so much for making a dream a reality.



Dan Charlotte, NC

Kevin and Kimberly Abeyta

We are very grateful for their help and willingness to work with us to see our purchase through.

The folks at Affordable Homes have consistently and kindly responded to and answered all of our questions and concerns throughout our home buying process. On several occasions, going above and beyond what would normally be expected to be sure that everything was on track. We are very grateful for their help and willingness to work with us to see our purchase through. 



Kevin and Kimberly Abeyta Oakboro, NC

The process was great.

The process was great. Elizabeth was amazing, she was very prompt and straight forward. There was no hidden cost as everything was straight forward. I never knew buying a home would be so easy, with challenging credit. Elizabeth has totally held up here end with some work that still had to be done at home, but weather had delayed it. I can’t thank Elizabeth and Affordable Home Provider enough for getting me & my family in my home.



Brandy and Ricky M Marshville, NC